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Advisory Areas

Banking and Finance

Banking and finance are also referred to as a term of managing your money by investing it in either banks or other financial institutions. It is very important that you invest your money in case it is sitting idle.

Banking offers opportunity to progress

That can lead to promotion, a higher salary and the chance to develop your expertise. There are professional qualifications in all kinds of subjects, including banking ethics, trade finance, investment management, risk, customer relations and financial advice.

Consultant Job

According to the dictionary, consulting is the practice of providing expert advice within a particular field. … The consultant thus offers an expertise that does not exist within the company itself and benefits from an external, independent and objective perspective on the client’s issues.

According to the Harvard Business Review, the consulting industry is worth more than $2 billion in the United States alone. As a result of the globalization of markets, the diversification of tasks and a changing business landscape, consulting has gradually integrated all spheres of the world economy. However, the consulting profession, symbolic of this phenomenon, remains largely unknown and its multiple roles are poorly understood by the general public. 

A Business Consultant

A business consultant (from Latin consultare, « to discuss ») is a professional who provides professional or expert advice in a particular area such as security (electronic or physical), management, accountancy, law, human resources, marketing (and public relations), financial control, engineering, science, digital

or any of many other specialized fields.

A consultant is usually an expert or a professional in a specific field and has a wide area of knowledge in a specific subject. Consultants can save their clients time, increase revenue, and maintain resources.

The role of a consultant outside the medical sphere (where the term is used specifically for a grade of doctor) can fall under one of two general categories:

  • Internal consultant –  or
  • External consultant – 


Financial Analyst

Financial analysts examine financial data and use their findings to help companies make business decisions. … More specifically, financial analysts research macroeconomic and microeconomic conditions along with company fundamentals to make predictions about businesses, sectors, and industries.